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Sales Optimisation eBook for visitor attractions

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Are you ready to grow your sales with Artificial Intelligence? Find out 3 easy ways to optimise your sales with innovative tools based on Artificial Intelligence. Discover the impact it can have on your attraction business with our real customers' cases - the Swiss Vapeur Parc and The Chillon Castle Foundation.





Unleash the power of dynamic pricing

Discover the power of dynamic pricing vs static pricing. Get your visitors to book twice as early with dynamic pricing and increase predictability in staff, food & beverages and other resources planning.


Grow your revenue with a recommendations system

We all know that acquiring a new customer is 5x more expensive than retaining existing ones. How about using all the data you have to increase your customers average basket size by offering AI-based recommendations.


Learn your visitors preferences with sentiment analysis

Collect data from the world's most popular social networks and review sites to turn visitor feedback into actions with AI-powered sentiment aspects analysis.




You are in great company

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Marina Devantéry
Head of ticketing and accounting
Fondation de l'Hermitage
"We are grateful for this new system which allows our team to be faster at the entrance and in the museum shop. The Smeetz team has been very supportive in our transition from an outdated ticketing system to their modern and innovative solution."
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Kit Strobl
Head of ticketing
Chillon Castle Foundation
"Smeetz provided us with a technical solution but not only that. The customer success team also provided us with personalised support. They helped us develop our product offering autonomously while ensuring the quality of the more technical points during the implementation of our ticketing system."
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Damien Fulbert
Director of Operations
Swiss Vapeur Parc
"The dynamic pricing is very simple, the more the customer buys in advance and the fewer sales there are, the cheaper the ticket. This allows people who anticipate to have access to the park at a really competitive rate."
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Rob Kirkwood
Marketing Manager
Crocky Trail
‍"The change over from our existing booking platform to working with Smeetz was a pleasure and everything was seamless, quick and efficient. This is a whole online system so it made a huge difference to business."

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