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Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing in the leisure industry - A good idea?

June 15, 2021
4:30 pm CEST
Do you think that cultural and tourism providers should optimise their pricing during peaks and lows like hotels and airlines? The cultural and tourism sectors have been undergoing a lot of changes in the last 20 years, which are now exacerbated by COVID-19. More than ever, providers need to manage their stock efficiently to accommodate for capacity restrictions. But is dynamic pricing a short-term fix or a real industry shift? Watch our webinar to discover the answer!
What is dynamic pricing?
Our speakers debate about what is dynamic pricing, how it fits the industry in the current economic conditions, and what future and opportunities they see for these strategies.
Ethics of dynamic pricing
The experts then deep dive on the impacts dynamic pricing can have both negatively and positively on a leisure business, such as on the customer experience based on its use, and highlight some dos and don'ts as well as successes and failures in their own experience.
Audience Q&A
All questions from the audience are answered, from is dynamic pricing favouring people with money to how does a computer find the correct price? Feel free to contact us at if you have any outstanding questions.

Our speakers

Alexandre Martin
CEO & Co-Founder
Damien Fulbert
Managing Director at Swiss Vapeur Parc
Davy Jansegers
Head of Promotion and Sales at Lausanne Tourism
Torsten Reifenberg
Ticketing and Group sales at Fraport Skyliners
Jose Ignacio Sanchez
Consultant at Deloitte
Ian Tidswell
Founder and lead consultant at een Consulting