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Have you ever dreamt of measuring your visitors spendings across channels?

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Start selling tickets, merchandising and food & beverage across all your sales channels - from one single platform. Our built-in Point of Sale takes your omnichannel sales strategy to the next level by allowing you to match your visitors' bookings to their onsite spends - souvenirs at your shop, orders at your Food & Beverage outlets, upgrades, etc.

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Ticket office

Start selling admission tickets, seated tickets, memberships and gift cards in-person from our Point of Sale. Easily accept payments, split them or add discount codes to any orders.



Sell merchandise in-store and link your customers to their online orders to track their purchasing behaviours. Manage your inventory from anywhere and benefit from smart forecasts to optimise your stocks.



From restaurant and mobile Point of Sale to online food ordering, we got everything to get you covered. Forget about stress in your kitchen with our smart table management tool making your employees' lives easier.

What to expect from our Point of Sale


Built-in Point of Sale

Benefit from a state-of-the-art Point of Sale perfectly blending the modernity of cloud-based solutions and the reliability of strong hardware systems.


Integrated payment processing

Streamline your payment services provider across all your sales channels - online and onsite - and ease your accounting reconciliation.


Offline capabilities

Keep selling at all your Point of Sales even though your network is unstable or gets cut off - access your data in real time once your connection is back.


State-of-the-art hardware

Seamlessly integrate our Point of Sale on any device - from mobile to fully equipped Point of Sale and self-service kiosk.


Smart inventory management

Always make sure you have enough resources to run your business with a real-time inventory that bridges your online and onsite sales.


Visitor tracking

Follow your visitor buying behaviours along the customer journey and offer personalised recommendations based on Artificial Intelligence.

Interested in our Point of Sale?

See it live during a 1-to-1 demo with one of our team member. We will be happy to discuss your omnichannel sales strategy and advise you on your Point of Sale.

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You are in great company

Customer logo
Alexis André
Director of the Fort Boyard Aventures site - Vélizy
Fort Boyard Aventures
"Smeetz allows us to really improve the experience we offer our customers. The on-site sales tool allows me to facilitate my day-to-day management and personalise the way I welcome customers. Our account manager supports us with high-quality ongoing training and is always available to help."
Customer logo
Thierry Collado
Artistic Director
D! Club
"With Smeetz, we have autonomous access to the back office, which allows us to be more flexible and responsive when launching new offers. For example, we have an event or an artist confirmed and within 5 minutes it is online, available for sale."
Customer logo
Marina Devantéry
Head of ticketing and accounting
Fondation de l'Hermitage
"We are grateful for this new system which allows our team to be faster at the entrance and in the museum shop. The Smeetz team has been very supportive in our transition from an outdated ticketing system to their modern and innovative solution."
Customer logo
Kit Strobl
Head of ticketing
Chillon Castle Foundation
"Smeetz provided us with a technical solution but not only that. The customer success team also provided us with personalised support. They helped us develop our product offering autonomously while ensuring the quality of the more technical points during the implementation of our ticketing system."
Customer logo
Damien Fulbert
Director of Operations
Swiss Vapeur Parc
"The dynamic pricing is very simple, the more the customer buys in advance and the fewer sales there are, the cheaper the ticket. This allows people who anticipate to have access to the park at a really competitive rate."
Customer logo
Rob Kirkwood
Marketing Manager
Crocky Trail
‍"The change over from our existing booking platform to working with Smeetz was a pleasure and everything was seamless, quick and efficient. This is a whole online system so it made a huge difference to business."

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