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CRM and email automation

Work smarter not harder when it comes to your marketing - Get to know your audience and grow your business with targeted communication strategies.

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Collect customer data

Collect the data you need to better understand your audience and personalise your marketing.


Target the right people

Targeting will increase your conversion rates by helping you engage with the right people at the right time.


Build relationships

Personalising your communication around your audience will help you strengthen your customer loyalty.

Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

Because your customers are at the centre of everything, turn your audience data into insights that will guide your marketing campaigns.

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Get to know your audience

Automatically collect valuable customer data from all booking sources in our integrated CRM. Import and export data with ease and effectively search across your database to access customer or booking information.

You have access to real-time attendee lists for each of your products. Easily manage booking modifications, cancellations and refunds based on your own cancellation policy.

Build smart lists

With your customers' purchase history in one place, you gain a unified view of their behaviours and preferences for better targeting and segmentation.

Generate smart lists by filtering your audience to target the right people at the right time with the most relevant offers based on interests, purchase activity, gender, age group, etc.

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"Use our predefined email marketing strategies to re-engage your customers and drive more sales with minimum effort"

Loris Savary, COO & PR Officer at Smeetz
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Communicate with your audience

Once your audience is segmented, reach out to specific customer groups and launch highly-targeted email campaigns.

Benefit from personalised communications to reward loyal customers, recommend offers based on previous bookings, promote upcoming events, send updates, etc.

Additionally, you can send regular newsletters to keep your audience informed of news and events.

Engage your audience with email automation

Unlock your customers' full potential by turning on ready-to-use email strategies. Pick a template and launch automated emails to your audience based on user actions and events.

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Abandoned cart emails

Remind visitors to finalise their purchase when an online booking is started but not completed.

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Date-based emails

Reach out to customers with special offers on important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

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Behaviour-based emails

Re-engage your customers with offers based on how they interact with your website.

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Follow up emails

Get feedback from participants or recommend other products after they attended your event or activity.

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Transactional emails

Automate transactional emails such as welcome emails and newsletter subscriptions.

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Product retargeting emails

Remind customers to come back for upcoming events or activities they checked out.

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