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Prenez vos décisions en vous basant sur des statistiques et non sur des suppositions

Improve your daily operations with data-driven business insights and predictive analytics on sales and attendance.

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Smeetz's widget and booking flow

Generate insightful reports

Turn valuable insights into winning strategies and develop your business with our powerful analytics tools. Stop guessing and start acting on data-driven insights to optimise staff, resources, and budgets.

Base decisions on AI-powered predictions

By analysing data on past attendance and purchasing trends, our platform can provide accurate predictions for future sales and visitor numbers. With this knowledge, you can optimise your staff and resource allocation to ensure your guests have the best possible experience. Increase efficiency, reduce waste, and make informed decisions with our powerful predictive analytics tool.

Smeetz's widget and booking flow
Smeetz's widget and booking flow

Turn unhappy visitors into fans

Collect data from the world's most popular social networks and review sites, like Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook, to better understand how your customers feel and turn visitor feedback into actions with AI-powered experience management.

Predict future sales

Optimise your budget allocation and plan effective marketing campaigns by utilising sales forecasts. With sales forecasts, you can predict future sales and visitor numbers to target the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

Smeetz's widget and booking flow
Smeetz's widget and booking flow

Anticipate visitor numbers

Maximise efficiency, reduce waste, and improve profitability by utilising attendance forecasts. Analyse historical attendance data to predict future demand and allocate resources and staffing levels accordingly.

Smeetz's widget and booking flow

Customise your user space

Improve the customer experience by providing an intuitive user space where your customers can easily view and modify their bookings. This user space is seamlessly linked to your website, providing your customers with access to their bookings anytime, anywhere.

Monitor your sales channels

Optimise revenue and maximise sales by tracking performance across all channels. Identify successful products, prices, and promotions and adjust your strategy accordingly for enhanced profitability.

Build custom dashboards

Access important business data quickly and easily with our custom dashboard feature. Choose the KPIs that matter most to your business and monitor them in one centralised location.

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